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Tripoli, LYBIA

The 42 hectare offers 2 km of coastline with two different characters, a beach area, and a rocky edge. The project proposes the creation of a mixed use development anchored by a five star 280-key hotel, complemented with hotel-serviced beach villas and apartments and a village center. The Hotel and village design are inspired in the old fortified cities of Libya and include a “corniche”, or public promenade along the water, lined by souk-like retail development.
Two residential compounds are designed to the east of the Hotel, offering a mix of waterfront villas, sideyard villas and apartments around a community club.
The project will serve the growing local and international business community in Tripoli, offering over 1000 residential units and an estimated total of 243,000 m2 of construction

SITE: 42 Has 
SERVICES PROVIDED: Master Plan, Schematic Design

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