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A Skycraper with 248 m. high designed by Norman Foster. Is located in one of the most representative business area of Madrid , and together with other three skyscrapers in the area conforms the new “skyline” of Madrid.
The building is raised in a rectangular –formed floor type of offices with a rectilinear perimeter, obtaining maximum modularity of the constructive elements and the economy inherent to repetition of floors in the design of the tower, to generate a flexible and commercially viable building. It’s also
been looked to obtain an emblematic building with a powerful image, as the representative image of one of the most important petrol companies, REPSOL-YPF.

100.000 m2 built area with a total of 54 floors: 34 offices, 8 technical facilities, 5 water tanks, 5 parking underground floors

SITE: 89.000 sqm
SERVICES PROVIDED: Technical assistance during Design and Construction works

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