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CCCRA was selected by Port Aventura for the realization of the South Club House Project in the South Golf Course of Port Aventura. It is a building with a clearly representative character, point of confluence between the start and end of the course of the game. Located in the upper area of ​​the old quarry, its strong position in the environment, together with the topography of the area, quite marked, makes it a "landmark" building in the landscape, identifier of the architecture, landscape and quality of services of the environment.
The Club House corresponds to three basic needs: 
1. Retail
2. Snack –Bar & Restaurant
3. Gym y Spa Treatment area

Each one of these uses is distributed architecturally in 3 terrain platforms, in such a way that the building adapts to the existing topography

SITE: 3.150 sqm
SERVICES PROVIDED: Schematic Design, Detail Design & Construction Supervision
CLIENT: Port Aventura

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