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Gran Canaria

Located on a spectacular sloping, cliffside site on Grand Canary Island, Pasito Lux Hotel and Resort takes full advantage of the site’s steep slope to offer stunning views. The master plan is an intricate tapestry of luxury villas, water features and gathering spaces.

The resort development design follows traditional patterns of a Spanish hillside village with the main building serving as the village centre facing a courtyard much as a town square would serve as a public gathering place. The progression of space and the views from the site entry through to the natural ocean pool continuously change, overlaying a level of intrigue and discovery as the guest transitions through the resort. Pasito Lux’s structures fan out to create intimate neighbourhoods each with their own smaller courtyards as extensions of the village.

The architecture is designed following a dramatic natural landscape enhancing the guest’s process of discovery with terraced structures, and cascading water feature accentuating the steep slopes. Public areas cascade down the hillside and at the sea’s edge, stairs descend to a lagoon built from natural rocks. Pasito Lux’s architecture is traditional styling of the Canary Islands with white stucco with dark wood trim and local grey stone. It has distinctive regional character through the elegant inclusion of Moorish highlight the Island’s proximity to Morocco.

SITE: 16 Has

CURRENT PHASE: Proyecto de Ejecucion/ Detailed Design

SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture, Structure Design

Project Coordination,Construction Supervsion

CLIENT: Seaside Hotels, S.A.

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