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Tenerife, Canary Islands

Located 500 miles south of Spain and 200 miles off the west coast of North Africa, Hotel La Plantación del Sur offers the utmost in luxurious style and accommodations. Given its privileged position in the south of Tenerife, it enjoys stunning views of the bahia.
Built on the site of former banana plantations, the hotel’s style rekindles old world charm by modeling a grand estate in the Spanish Colonial architecture, adapted to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui and a touch of the Orient. The main body of the hotel encircles a central plaza, inspired by the region’s vernacular architecture. Descending terraces and the use of indigenous materials, combined with lush vegetation, integrates the resort into the natural landscape.
The result is an eco-conscious, minimalist, calming environment with bubbling fountains, natural materials, and wide-open spaces that resonate with the light. Walls and soft furnishings are in cream, ivory, and stone to reflect the landscape, and good use is made of wood, volcanic stone and cane, in keeping with the island’s natural resources.

SITE: 3,2 Has
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture, Structure, Project Coordination,
Lead Consultant, Construction Works Supervision

CLIENT: Entrecanales & Nesco Family

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