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Guadalajara, MEXICO

Located in the municipality of Zapopan, Mexico, La Coronilla is a 250 has. Resort and Residential development that
once completed will feature 2000 residential units, 1 hospital, 14 ha of commercial, commercial streets, offices, 18
holes’ golf and golf club, outdoor and indoor recreation centres. La Coronilla is an exclusive walled community inspired by Mexican history and traditions.

Four 400 meters radio areas have been created as the four neighbourhoods of this community, each one with its own soul and identity.
The entire community is pedestrian oriented: Down town,
Coronilla village, Garden City and Golf residence are the four
neighbourhoods of this development that can be walked from
edge to centre in less than a 10 minutes walk.
Each one of the neighbourhood offers a variety of typologies:
townhouses, detached houses, estates, apartment, studios,
etc…in order to face the market necessity and with the
possibility of adapting in case of sudden market variation.
In the left areas are designed the golf and public space

SITE: 250 Has
SERVICES PROVIDED: Master Plan, Schematic Design
CLIENT: Sansco Comercial

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